March 2nd, 2007


Open ID, CardSpace, AOL, Digg; metasystem here we come

I am fed up with phishing, with having hundredsof logins to Web sites that are some permutation of email address, my standard user ID and the two standard disposable passwords I use for logins that are worthless to me and with having to type the wretched details in when I have remembered them. I want a nice and easy, secure, visual way of identifying myself. That's one reason I like CardSpace, which is Microsoft's implementation of a technology called information cards, which is intended to bring together a range of identity technologies in an abstraction called the identity metasystem (the same way we have file systems and printer drivers). I like Open ID too, because enough developers have heard of it that they might start using it on their sites - as AOL and Digg and others just have.

Just before AOL and Digg blessed Open ID, Microsoft did too, so I talked to Kim Cameron about what it meant. A short portion of the conversation is on the Developer Register as Identity brings Microsoft and Internet 2.0 together.

But please, don't tell me things like 'I won't trust CardSpace because I don't trust IE' without A going and reading up on the security background of CardSpace 2 being prepared to tell me what you think the security problem is. Want to complain about Microsoft technology? Make sure you know as much as I do about the way this is designed (or preferably more and you can teach me something)
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i'm talking about charidee

If you're in the US and you use some species of Microsoft IM client and you don't mind it being Windows Live Messenger, your IMs could raise money for charities like Unicef, the Sierra Club, and six others. Microsoft is donating money from the ads on IM conversations, with a minimum $100,000 guaranteed donation to each of the nine organizations during the first year of the program. It's kind of viral charity marketing: instead of taking out ads, they're hoping that people will want to do some good and be won over by WLM enough to stick with it. Interesting model...

To get your IMs to count, click the link above or the button below to go to the site, tell them where you live and install WLM. Then choose Tools > Options and after putting your name in for My Display Name add one of these text codes to choose which organisation you want to get a share of the money from the ads you see.
*red+uAmerican Red Cross
*bgcaBoys & Girls Club
*nafNational AIDS Fund
*mssocNational Multiple Sclerosis Society
*sierraSierra Club
*komenSusan G. Komen for the Cure
*unicefThe US fund for UNICEF

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