February 27th, 2007

full steam ahead

Finding my articles on the FT

Many of the pieces I write for the FT are only available to subscribers (and people who buy the pretty pink paper as atoms): they move out and behind the paywall at intervals, so linking to them isn't always useful. Last time I tried to link to a search for my name on the site, the search URL was only useful for the current session, but it seems to work a little better today. If you could click on the link below and let me know if you see a page full of Articles Wot I Wrote, I'd be most grateful.


In other news I'm finally out of bed but not really back up to speed - still coughing a lot and not really running on all cylinders brainwise; reading and watching the brainrotter are about my limit.

CC: Pot - meet Reply All: Kettle

To all my friends in PR
Especially if you're a journalist who has an alternative line in PR and email marketing...

If you receive a piece of email that has 252 people in the CC line, it's absolutely fine to mail back and point out that this is poor email etiquette. It's a great opportunity to pitch your email marketing services to someone who obviously needs them. But if you're going to suggest that it's a grey area for data protection and you also plan to include screenshots of your service in action complete with screenshots of a report for a previous project - perhaps you want to go delete those 251 other people in the CC line, or just not hit Reply All in the first place.

Just a thought...

Make Vista search mapped drives

My beloved Toshiba Portege R100 is dying: the cse cracked in tanais's hand so I can't plug in headphone or microphone connectors or turn the wireless on and off any more, and now it keeps crashing with either hard drive failures or NTFS.SYS STOP errors (where the hard drive driver fails to cope with the hard drive failing). Losing the integrity of the case may be part of the problem; the duct tape isn't enough! Until I can buy the delightful new R400 I'm using an HP as my main laptop so I've been tweaking the Vista installation. Out of the box, Microsoft doesn't let Vista search network drives - but then Windows Desktop Search for XP doesn't do it out of the box either. The add-on for both is here - along with an add-on to search Internet Explorer history files.

Microsft's official stance has been that searching remote drives slows things down too much; they have to fix that when Windows Home Server comes out. There's still no option to snooze or restart indexing in Vista the way you can in XP: a little too nanny-knows-best alas.