February 13th, 2007

full steam ahead

GPS all the way to 3GSM

My EasyJet flight was better than expected; buying priority boarding and jockeying in the lounge meant I was about the third person on the plane so I nabbed the window exit row seat. A chap from TeleAtlas sat down in the aisle seat and we were deep in discussion about maps so quickly that no-one wanted to sit between us! They make 1500 edits a day to the US map database, they use little trucks with cameras that capture the height of bridges and the texture of buildings so one day your GPS will say turn left down the High Street between McDonalds and the brick building. And in one South American country where the roads are too narrow they put the cameras on the beer delivery trucks.

You can now buy scratchcards on EasyJet!

Barcelona is warm and sunny with blue skies and the evening parties range from geeking on the stand to geking above the stand to cava and jamon iberico at the rather trendy Sugar Club. Total for Monday; two airports, one car, three taxis, one metro...
full steam ahead

Fountains, phones, traffic

I'm shattered by meetings wich have taken me from one end of the Fira to the other and right up to the castle. Thank heavens for the escalators. The fountains are splendid - jets and cascades and one huge co-ordinated set that gets lights and music at dusk.

Tech I like:
The promise of 100mbps HSDPA in a few years
The BlackBerry 8800 - slim like the Pearl, trackball like the Pearl but full Qwerty keyboard
The 5" HTC Advantage slate with a magnetic keyboard
Seagate's DAVE Bluetooth hard drive for phones and media players
Text messaging because I haven't had time for phone calls