February 7th, 2007

plane feet

New day of the week

I'd like an extra 24 hours please, Bob... I'm trying to fit 12 hours worth of appointments into every 8 hour day at 3GSM, I'm cursing that if the Microsoft invite hadn't been in HTML images with no plain text accompaniment I would have seen that it was on Monday at 3 in time to ask for a plane ticket that didn't get me to Barcelona Monday at 4 (and the email about the ticket was the message immediately after the Microsoft email so if I'd been able to read both on my Windows Mobile phone I wouldn't be missing the press conference...) and I keep typing that I still have some time free on Thuesday or Thurtsday.

I'm also still at a loose end the Wednesday evening - hint, hint...
full steam ahead

I Like Vista

Feel free to disagree, have a pop, complain about something (real not marketing, please). This way I shan't feel I'm barging in on a discussion about something else when people bring it up...