January 27th, 2007

full steam ahead

Silicon Valley narrative

I hop. U haul. We finance.

I'm sure there's a story in the slogans you see driving through the valley. We've had a nice mixture of work and fun despite my cold (and the zinc gel makes a huge difference - have brought back a good supply). Thai and vietnamese lunch was common - and more than once we indulged in a quick In-N-Out burger. Hobees on the way to the airport. Coffee and blueberry cream biscuits at Whole Foods. Stocked up on biscuit and cornbread mix and candy fruits at Trader Joes. Didn't make Original Joes or the Mini Gourmet once! Dinner at Ill Fornaio is always a treat - especially when we entice two friends out at once. We can consider ourselves a local catchup service; we met spikeiowa for a drink and got rowanf for dinner too, had brunch at Bucks with mrkurt and saffronrose ably stage-managed by spikeiowa and Tom, had dinner with Jon Callas and Tamsen at the just keeps better Tamarine (cinnamon prawns with avocado mousse mmm) and brought them back to Kurt and Marina's hot tub.

Meetings, hanging out, shopping, meeting friends - another busy fun trip with added beautiful sunsets.