January 21st, 2007

full steam ahead

I might reconsider Twitter

I thought it was, well, twittering but being reminded how good the cornbread is just before we order at the Rutherford Grill (thanks Chris) is the kind of thing it's useful for. Still want the software to work out from my gps and my previous habits to say 'I'm at Rutherford Grill' automatically though.

The aforesaid cornbread serves two, possibly three and quite probably four. Do not get one each if yopu plan to eat anything else...
full steam ahead

Random travel notes

Driving through the Arizona high plains I saw a coyote loping away. Crossing in California a rust red kestrel with brindled grey wings swooped across the road in front of us.

We passed a rock slide area; Simon starts looking for the rock swings and rock roundabout.

Las Vegas at 9am looks hung over; dry and dusty, tawdry rather than twinkling, lights glaring rather than glimmering - waiting for a hair of the dog to do it all over again.

We saw a train passing through the Tehachapi loop, looping itself.

Are the dippers in the orchards bringing up oil or water?

Industrial desert towns; Boron and Chloride.

An eagle stumping along the road after a gopher, hefty thighs pounding tarmac on a Pasa Robles backcountry road.

The silhouette of a heron, wings fringed and feet dangling, flying across the road, black against the blue and white sky gilded by the setting yellow sun.