October 18th, 2006


Don't park there...

We called yesterday a work day, which meant interesting conversations with Gary and Grant and the team at Eurekster, and with Seth about his still NDA'd startup, interspersed with Indonesian for lunch (with a peanut sauce that's not Munchy Munchy standards but really quite close), dinner at Indochine (asian fusion done right; delicious flatbread, tuna, pork in lettuce, pork dumpling in truffle oil, orangle glazed belly pork, masala chkicken in spinach, spice rubbed steak and the most wonderful aioli on the rosemary roasted potatoes, plus a good wine list and some intriguing cocktails) and a parking catastrophe.

The multi-story car park on Manchester is mid way between Eurekster and the incubator, so it looked like a good choice. But when spotting the Gourmet Burger King sticker on Simon's notebook made us all hungry and we told Seth were we had parked to work out logistics for dinner he said 'you might regret that'. And as it was gone 7 and the car park closed at 6.15, we did. But it meant Simon could drink with dinner and the nice lady at the car park gave him a good deal, it wasn't that bad after all.

From the ridiculous to the sublime

One of the things I love about New Zealand is that we can be driving along laughing at funny car licence plates (TEATRE), a bright green car called the Funky Pumpkin, a limestone statue of a sheep in the pasture outside Knitworks or the giant leaping salmon at Rakaia - and then we look up and spot the majesty of the mountains looming up. We've got a glorious view of the snow-clad Southern Alps as we drive. Photos make them look small and distant but beside us as we drive they're huge and wonderful.

We're also passing an alpaca stud: a few miles back I saw shaggy shorthorns.
full steam ahead

And back to the ridiculous

We waited the whole day for another contestant but the whimsey winners for Wednesday were:
Stay at the Heinek Inn, Christchurch suburbs
Browse at Murch & Dice in Geraldine.

Best mailboxes so far: a red carriage without the horses, a black mailbox with four legs and a tail, a whale and a mailbox that was a miniature of its house, complete with two shades of blue paint.