September 26th, 2006


Tom's Hardware: iPod Nano and Shure headphones

I quite like the new iPod Nano (I've just reviewed it for Tom's Hardware), but iTunes 7 drives me round the bend. I found it very hard to change what went on the automatic sync list and with 4GB or 8GB to play with, I want to pick and choose. And when I switched to not using an automatic sync list it wiped the iPod rather than leaving me with music to pick and choose from. And then when I added tracks to the playlists I did ask it to sync I had to unplug and reconnect the iPod for the sync to happen.

I particularly like the new iPod Nano with the E500 canalphones from Shure that I recently reviewed. The difference from the headphones you get in the box is stunning. I unhooked the Push To Hear gizmo because it's too heavy; without an extension cord that leaves the Nano as a rather fetching pendant.

And I noticed I forgot to link to my piece on ripping DVDs, but there's no video support on the iPod Nano anyway...