September 1st, 2006


Bad technology hair week

I still don't know quite how I killed my laptop; I installed Windows Desktop Search 3 beta update over the existing beta, ran CCleaner but told it not to clean most things and restarted Windows. The blue screen went by too fast to read and it wouldn't boot in Last Known Good or Safe Mode. Nope, No, Nada, Not Today.

So I went back to working at my desk while sbisson dug out obscure DOS utilities and we finally got it to boot from a floppy and read a CD-ROM drive. I wanted to overwrite Windows with a Repair Install but we couldn't get Setup to see free space on the NTFS drive so I gave up and used the Recovery Disk and have everything to install again (I've taken the opportunity to switch to 2007 Office).

Working at my desk still makes my ankle ache, even with my chair tilted back and I'd forgotten how much the floor slopes so we jacked the desk up with stick-on wheels (so technically, now it's a wagon). But once on the first day, once on the second day and twice yesterday it blue screened, with the Online Crash Analysis message that the issue is 'being investigated'. That doesn't even give me the STOP error to analyse myself. So I've gone back to working in the recliner on the laptop. I miss having a tablet PC though. I'm technology bereft...