July 24th, 2006

full steam ahead

The world is iced with cloud and snow

The flight to Chicago just clipped the bottom of Greenland and the cloud cleared for me to see mountains buried up to their waists in thick deep snow, rippled glaciers and once what I think was a glacier under the snow, ridges breaking the smooth surface. Then the cloud closed in, thick and white as the snow with ridges of clouds poking out like more mountains.

Am ensconsed in a nearly circular room with a city view showing the tips of five skyscrapers over the trees (foreground, the car park).
full steam ahead


On consideration, fortified by lime shrimp, sweet potato fries and sunset wheat beer, I realise the room is shaped like a piece of pie, with the window as the curved pie crust.
full steam ahead

The Chicago river is so green

...That I now understand why the Grand Canal in the Venetian Las Vegas is that colour. I don't think they need to die it for St Patrick's Day, or maybe it hasn't washed out.

Didn't see a heron at the pier but I have seen huge red dragonflies, a leaping carp, a shaggy dog in a baseball cap, a less shaggy dog on a fire escape and the loose diamond engagement center, presumably for jewels of negligible moral fibre.