May 12th, 2006


My robot prejudices are showing

We don't yet have a Rooma although I'm vey tempted (we'd just have to carry it up and down a few stairs every now and then). I look at AIBOs as as irritating as toddlers without the benefits. I think I'm ready for my robot butler, although it has to not infuriate me the way most electronics do at least once in their lifetime. But talking with Colin Angle of iRobot this morning, I made what might be a Freudian slip. We were talking about robots in the home; I mentioned the Intel Digital Health ideas of telepresence and while raising the excellent point of privacy issues Colin said that we don't yet have the killer application for the smarthome. And then he was surprised when my next question was about robot safety.

I blame Rudy Rucker and his robot that mixes up the baby and the turkey.