April 28th, 2006


International woman of technology

And I don't just mean the travelling ;-)

The Marc Smith interview I did for the FT on email overload and social metadata is going to be reprinted in a Swiss business newspaper called CASH. Presumably translated into Swiss German, though I'm not sure yet.

There was a fascinating talk at a press event for 2007 Office collaboration tools yesterday by Carsten Sorensen of the LSE covering how changes in manufacturing technology had defined early working conditions both physical and social, so that it's OK to interrupt people at work but not in a private space because by definition employees are available. Made me think of the stress induced by the Victorian stock tickers by telegraph whcih extended the working day to the club or the home. IT is having that effect: your fluid working day with information requested by email or IM is my interruption. Interconnect everyone for synergy and you make everyone deal with the impact of that on their work and we haven't got the working practices to deal with it, or often the right management attitude. I did like his story of 'email man' - a guy at Deutsche Bank who responds to 1,000 emails a day and who he descrived as an 'interaction machine'.
cute bear

Better backup bonus: Mozy

The Mozy backup service I mentioned the other day turns out to be unobtrusive and quite reassuring. They've also changed the terms of the bribe^H^H^H^offer. Downlod the software by clicking on this link or use my email address or referral code (M8GPY7) to sign up and not only do I get another 256MB for each person but you get an extra 256MB of space yourself (2.25Gb vs 2Gb). It's nowhere near enough for a full backup, but I'm using it for a few key files; offsite backup and remote access in one.