April 23rd, 2006

full steam ahead

Pick up the pen

I spotted this while travelling and I think it validates a lot of what people have been saying about how a tablet PC and pen is less psychologically intrusive. I type much faster than I write but I can't keep eye contact while I'm doing it as well so writing on screen let's me look as if I'm paying more attention. Decent note software like OneNote with the audio recording let's you think, secure in the knowledge that you can write down the key bits and your analysis but go back and listen to the whole thing if you need to.
June Entman, a law professor at the University of Memphis, has banned
laptops from her classes for first-year law students, telling them they
must take notes with pen and paper. "The computers interfere with
making eye contact," said Entman. "You've got this picket fence
between you and the students." She said she wants her students to spend
less time taking down everything she says and spend time "thinking and
analyzing" instead.
USA Today, 21 March 2006

plane feet

German sun

I'm in Munich for one day. One day in the five day forecast predicts sun instead of rain. Lucky for me they're the same day - but I'll spend most of it inside the Hilton!
Now I return to hunting for the purse of euros!
full steam ahead

Wir fahren auf den Autobahn

Far too long hanging around the airport waiting for a gate, waiting in the queue and waiting on the tarmac - almost finished my book! No artwork at the airport except the giant BMW radiator grille by the cuwstoms channel but a nice tower by the autobahn with lights giving the appearance of running up and down. Now going very fast (peaking at 170kph) in a nice sleek BMW down towards Salzburg and North Munich.
Ooh! Shiny blue torus - the new Allianz Arena soccer stadium glows sleek and blue! The driver says it changes colour.