April 20th, 2006


PDF support in 2007 Office; at least some

PDF is one of those formats that I like in principle (fixed presentation), loathe in practice (try signing a PDF document and adding the date to it without printing the whole thing out and scanning it in; way too hard) and just can't avoid. I updated my test laptop with the 2007 Office technical refresh and as I needed to get dates and purchase order numbers out of files attached to seven different emails I thought the attachment preview would save me a lot of time. It would if the files were anything but PDF. All I get is the error message saying there's no previewer installed for PDF. Nor for ZIP. That means the previewer can't pick up IE plugins and use those to preview files, nor does the native XP ZIP support work; developers are going to have to code up more plugins for 2007 Outlook. Attachment preview is a lovely idea; I can't wait till it gets out of beta.