April 9th, 2006

full steam ahead

One last dabble

We'll head off to the airport in a minute and sit on the plane and watch the world wheel past and I'll finish all my partial lj entries for the last month and write about identity in Higgins and PGP and wake up at the end of our odyssey tired and worn and glad to see the cats and ready to shoulder the burdens you can set aside while travelling. Until then I'm dabbling my feet in the pool and offering thanks to all our hosts, everyone who put us up or took us out to dinner or brought us along on outings or told us fun stories and feted us on our way. May you all enjoy your travels as much as we have!
full steam ahead


Listening to the 'thank you for keeping us company on the flight' farewell from BA in contrast to American's 'you can turn on your cellphone now' I think that things that are very English will feel odd for a while...