December 17th, 2005


I (heart) Simon ;-)

We've been tinkering with image editing software today (for fun and and profit respectively) and sbisson has spent ages carefuly cutting out this lovely icon of a chilli heart from Pike Place Market (when I saw them hanging up I wanted a photo to make an icon from!). Here's the original:

This is another heart, from the decorated heart exhibition they had in San Francisco a year or so back. Tony Bennett's heart is still in Union Square, but this mosaic heart was in Yerba Buena gardens. I love the colours and patterns on it; I want to do something inspired by it as a mosaic on a box or a mirror frame or a wall...
Here's the original:

And this is a mosaic boss from the wonderful Parc Guell in Barcelona (Gaudi of course). We visited it with rowanf one very hot July day...
Here's the original: and the ceiling it adorns: