November 23rd, 2005


220 volts direct to the developer

Is the video of Microsoft developers feeling the customer's pain one electric shock at a time really from Microsoft? Yes. It's part of IT's Showtime. Most of the videos are serious rather than funny but there's the odd gem.

If you want The Shining as a cute family film, or Romance of the Jedi or any of the other weird videos that do the rounds, check out instead.

WiFi goes hi-fi

Pay-for or pirated, digital music downloads have changed the way we listen to music. The good thing is that it is easier to find the music you’ve got and pick the track that takes your fancy. The downside is that it is only easy to do on your computer or on a portable MP3 player. How about listening to your newly organised music library where you used to listen – in the living room?

or how about reading the rest of my piece for the FT on wireless digital music over at FT Digital Business...