November 15th, 2005


By popular request...

I can't remember whether you can blame elimloth or sbisson for asking me to share this...
We were driving along, a couple of hours before we saw Kitchen-Dick Lane, and I saw a sign I had to spell out because it said 'TOUNGUE'. I turned to Simon and asked 'how many u's in tongue?' and then commented that if you reversed the two parts of the question it sounded rather more like porn.
plane feet

wham-bam ma'am

 "The old-school heroes would just gun a baddie down and then make a banal quip. The women, aided by invisible wires, keep kicking you in the head until you crumple. It's more realistic in a way and some of them are just terrifying.",10221,17162616-7485,00.html

It's not just the image of high-kicking leather-clad babes that makes this a nice story. There's the comment that women action heroes are "more sexually aggressive... and much more rawly violent" than Ah-nold. And then there's the claim that Ah-nold plans to go back to movies. If that's true then the California vote really did do some good ;-)

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