November 10th, 2005

full steam ahead

Seattle shuttle

Well I did all my flying last week: on and off planes every other day and either travelling all day or soaking up a flood of information. Hopping onto the plane to Seattle I felt quite at home!

I missed the sunset at Coronado to soak in the hot tub before dinner. I think halibut with banana and macademia made it a Hawaiian restaurant: the location down on the water with reflections of the city lights made it a beautiful spot.

We spent most of Wednesday flying to Boise and siting in SF airport (handy for phone interviews and writing a news piece for PC Plus on Windows Live sitting in the anchor steam bar). The plane to Boise was a teeny regional jet but I got some great pictures of the sunset and the pilot sitting next to me (no, not quite that small a plane!) was telling me about how beautiful and hypnotic it is flying into snow and how there is indeed a cell phone turned on on most flights because he can hear the static it causes on his headphones but he's never noticed any effect on the instruments. There was one particular Toshiba notebook a few years back that did affect instruments and he saw that happen.

Boise airport has a flame pit in a pool of water with a glass mosaic canopy over it and a metal river of plaster fish. Notable beers: pyramid snowcap and alaskan amber. Notable wine: Selene sauv blanc from Carneros. Place to have dinner: Mortimers.

I was in row one again for the flight up to SF with nice views until it got dark but I was mostly working. By the time we got into SF Simon had already had two coffers and gone on a book spree!

Friday morning was beautifully sunny and we walked a back route to the ferry building looking at the twin circle statue by Chase Morgan. At the outside stalls we found some beautiful glass jewellry and watched people donating to charity for the chance to hit old cars with a sledgehammer. It was promoting a by the hour car rental service but it was great therapy for frustrated office workers and cyclists with a lot of aggression towards cars. Especially the guy who took a pen knife to the tyres when he was done with the hammer.

We met up with Taq for gossip and cake at Citizen Cupcake and our lattes came with our initials in! Then ocean_song came in for a yummy dinner at Annabels: shredded duck with shredded mushrooms and spinach works really well. We went hunting desert aiming for Sweet Inspirations and I got very good at spotting all the spaces we couldn't park in - so we ended up at Citizen Cake for serious chocolate and rose petal creme brulee.

The restaurant at the W is called xyz. It's kind of corny plus I find I'm naturally pronouncing it ecks-why-zee not ecks-why-zed. It's like thinking in a foreign language but this is a dialect so the vocabulary is overloading existing words rather than being a conversion. Slightly more unnerving when the local version takes over.

Xyz does a nice breakfast and Rick came up to eat and catch up with is and share the wonderful news that his new job leaves him time to have a life. It's nice when work life balance doesn't mean trying to balance the two on a knife edge.
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