October 20th, 2005

full steam ahead

Dive, dive, dive

Up early for a breakfast of spyware at 1 Parliament Street where getting in is a friendly business despite the bag scanner but getting out involves passing through a sealed tube that only opens on one side at a time. I expect this catches anyone fleeing the scene of a crime but it made me feel like I was on the set of Blakes Seven and about to be experimented on.

I walked into St James Park to find a loo and boggle at the prices at Inn the Park - for 5 the cauliflower soup had better be good - and watch balancing begging squirrels. I'm used to ducks that five. What I find disconcerting is when they come back to the surface not nose first but by popping up all at once like a rubber duck released from bondage.
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full steam ahead


But why is it a slur to call a tory 'hopeful and gay'? Do we want them dispirited and dreary?

Evening Standard posters today have a but of a juxta because of the line break which runs:
Tory hopeful and gay

Made me smile as I went into town and home and realised I didn't have a key and had to come back into town again...
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