September 19th, 2005


A sense of scale

In the last month we've been to the Intel Developer Forum, the Microsoft Professional Developer Conference and now Oracle OpenWorld. IDF was also in the Moscone centre - just one building. Microsoft filled the LA convention centre with 7,000 people. Oracle has all the buildings plus Yerba Buena for lunch and cocktails and it's heaving: I hear 34,000 from the paper, 35,000 from the keynote.

But that doesn't mean Oracle is bigger than MS or Intel. PDC is just for developers; IDF for an even more limited set of developers. Each time that's just a subset of their partners, customers and products. For Oracle, this is their complete marketplace: these are all the Oracle developers, customers and partners (who would come to a conference; as a marker rather than numerically, so to speak). It's still an impressive sight.