August 17th, 2005

full steam ahead


well, I'm not quite sure what the right word is. After fjm's discussion about LJ and search and pricvacy, I thought I'd use Google Images to search for my name. The results:
- the photo from which is also
- Me as the Village People in the video at
- a house in Richmond California photographed in 1923 by Mary Thompson for her school history project: the home of Mr Branscombe
- an illustrated invitation to a charity event chaired by a Mary Beth Branscombe
- an East Devon estate agent (Branscombe is a village)
- two photos of my engagement ring from an RSS feed of my LJ run by;at the University of Bath: A centre of expertise in digital information management, providing advice and services to the library, information, education and cultural heritage communities.
- me braiding hair for charity at Eastercon 2003
- a picture that comes directly from my LJ but it's actually a PC and Pixel cartoon I blogged
- a box shot of Adobe Creative Suite Premium from the Graphics Unleashed site that copies reviews from Amazon; probably because I've reviewed graphics software for Amazon, though the site doesn't use my name anywhere.
- me looking sleepy on a panel at Helicon 2 because I'm so much shorter than Harry Turtledove that it looks like I've got my head on the desk
- the estate agent again
- the video cover for America's Natural Wonders - Yellowstone / Grand Canyon / Yosemite.

Not quite what I was expecting!

Y'all could pick this up as a meme if you like ;-)
plane feet

mobile data circa 1999

"In Finland, 65 percent of the bit traffic on mobile phones is data, rather than voice. What kind of data? Not spreadsheets, not daytrading, and not yet videoconferencing, which will also be available on third-generation phones. For now, it's mostly just SMS messages sent by kids Iiris Konttinen's age to their friends in all the corners of the city: all the ways to ask, "What are you doing now?" in 160 characters or less."

Wired Magazine 7.09

Question is, has that changed in the last 6 years? Email and Web are in the mobile mix but in Britain we send over 3 million text messages an hour.
full steam ahead

Glass flowers at the airport

Glass flowers at the airport
Originally uploaded by marypcb.
This one posted for peteyoung after our chat at Worldcon: it's the glass flowers over the doors of the transit shuttle to the South gates at Seattle airport. What you can't easily see in this shot is the scale; they may look like ear-rings but these are a foot across for each flower.

More airport art here including the mosaic columns in the Seattle international terminal by the security gates.