August 2nd, 2005

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Is my app Hot or Not?

SpikeSource and Intel and CMU are going to let users vote on the Business Readiness of open source applications, so people don't have to wonder if they're going to waste three months trying to use software that turns out not to be up to the job. Hopefully it will help open source get away from the image of what I heard called 'sticking it to the man' last week and get on with being a contributon culture where people scratch their own itch in a way that's useful to someone else too.

But will Business Readiness cover kittens?

My name is Mary and I use Internet Explorer

  • because I write for magazines where Web screenshots have to be in IE and I don't want the hassle of having to remember to swap back
  • because I write about IE and it's easier to write about it when I know it well, and that's easier when I use it
  • because I like shopping and banking sites to just work
  • because I don't actually need much more than IE does
  • because I hate tabbed browsing ;-)

And as that upstart Firefox usually gets all the attention and the toys it's nice to get some IE addons. sbisson pointed me at BugMeNot to avoid endless registrations and this is where I hunted down the IE context menu addon; there's also a handy add-on to select and open a URL that hasn't been made into a hyperlink without copying and pasting it into the address bar (I usually drag it into DQSD on my taskbar but this is just as simple).