May 1st, 2005

plane feet

Mountains and fountains: Or 29959 steps

Everything in Las Vegas is also further. The buildings are so big that you think you're close when it's still three blocks away. They only look big till you see the mountains though! So today...

Riding trams. Walking. Butterflies and giant glass poppies in the atrium at the Bellagio. A rainbow in the fountains: the pot of gold certainly is at the end of that rainbow. More walking. The rainstorm in the Desert Passage at the Aladdin. The Franglais in the Paris including Le Business Centre. The Mirage volcano after dark. The new waterfall fountains outside the Wynn. The Blackberry Smash cocktail and linguine Vongole in the Forum. Findingthe restaurants in the Forum! Working out the difference between the Trevi fountain, the moving statues and the circular statue fountain in Caesar's Palace. Not seeing anything of the Treasure Island show apart from the very camp pirate strapped to the top of the mast. The volcano again and the Bellagio fountains by night. Strolling from the Fashion Mall to the Mirage to the Bellagio, then power-walking to the tram station at Excalibur - and bumping into the couple from the hotel I gave directions to on the way in!
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