October 27th, 2004

full steam ahead

Are we still complaining about ID cards?

if so, might be time to ask your MP if they are happy about Blunkett bypassing parliamentary procedure, breaking Cabinet Office consultation guidelines (by consulting with the public about implementation rather than about whether people want the scheme at all and serving up quotes from the consultation document as responses - your MP can ask to see the documents and compare them) and cocking a snook at the Home Affairs Committee by claiming a critical report actually agrees with them.

www.faxyourmp.com is your friend. Remind your MP that the Home Office dismisses responses sent via the service as all saying the same thing and hence all being one person and ask for their assurance that they don't do the same.

Joy - in 2006 I'll get to pay an extra however much to get a 'voluntary' ID card without whcih I won't get a new passport.
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