August 12th, 2004

full steam ahead

Enum what?

Iver been thinking about technology for 2 days solid (interrupted only by hyperventilating about the broken online checkin and my broken phone) so the road sign we just passed makes me think the Putney Posse are getting into programming. One day I want to visit Enumclaw!
full steam ahead

Fiddles and pillars

Music: the drrrrone-click-twick of the baggage carousel
UK airports don't go much on public art - maybe a corridor of photos - preferring the lucrative safety of artistic advertising. In the US airports seem more like public spaces: not just bigger, cleaner, brighter but decorated. The iron wall of wooden staves at Seattle is odd but it does help you spot where you are in the terminal and the series of mosaic pillars was quite beautiful.

There was some fun art in the Bellevue Square mall: a series of painted fiddles done to raise money for the local philharmonia. Some twee, some jokey and some quite lovely.

Mary on a Blackberry so pardon typing errors