August 2nd, 2004


an empty bookshelf Mary?

four of them actually - a whole empty bookcase in fact! Using my PatentPlank method I've made a small bookcase that tacks on to the small bookcase in the doorway of the office. Next I'll extend the DVD boookcase and the trade paperback bookcase I made for Simon in the same way and after that we put up cunning bookshelves in the new hall and somewhere along the line we'll put up the capacious corner Billy in the spare 'oom. What's the betting we'll still have piles of books in every room? ;-)

I took photos at just about every stage of makign the bookcase and I'll write them up with instructions for everyone I've promised details of PatentPlanking. It's pretty quick; we went to Homebase at 3 for the planks and since we got back I've written 700 words and we've had a barbecue and put up cork edgings to some of the office shelves and I cut the wood for the DVD bookcase at the same time. And I had to keep stopping myself reading the books I took off the shelf I was joining on to so I could fit the drill into place. So probably about 2 hours making time, tops... Tired now!

pet peeve: wood with so much sap in that the planks are stuck together
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