February 19th, 2004


Another transit lounge!

LA was grey and now it's dark: the streaming red and white of the cars on the freeway was such a contrast to the clouds and ice and mountains I'd seen every other time I looked out. I had an excellent view of lots of Scottish mountains and lochs: I slept through Greenland (the top of the world is so beautiful, up there at the back of the moon and the north wind). I watched a huge round sundog for a long time: like rainbows they give me such a feeling of joy. I don't want the feeling of floating through the clouds to ever be something banal for me: it feels so special to be there, to see the cracked ice and frozen lakes the way you never could from the ground. Imagine seeing it from space... This is a world of such beauty
full steam ahead

LA to Auckland

I got the hang odf the reclining seat much better and dozed off after dinner. As usual on a plane I only know I've slept when I catch the end of a dream and it has to be unreal enough to notice!

I saw the stars which I've never seen from as plane before - thick and bright in the sky. Beautiful, peaceful: old but new to me.

I seem to be channelling [Bad username: ”feorag”] as I'm up on the observation deck in the pitch dark (maybe I'll see the sunrise!). It's breezy, fumey but *not a plane* :-)

I don't know if I can do replies so
[Bad username: ”natalie_f”] look in the user info page for the [Bad username: ”sms_to_lj”] community
[Bad username: ”ocean_song”] yes @* as in los angeles but they don' let transit passengers come out to play any more so + couldn't ask you to hang out with me - waaah! It was quite funny - I've been onging to get out to california all week and I laughed out loud when I realised I'd be there but only in passing!

Hugs to you all :-)

Mary on a Blackberry so pardon typing errors
full steam ahead

Auckland to christchurch: contrasts

Coffee and corn beef hash in the lounge: sunlight and slow motion surf through the window of the plane. Two men talking about lathes beside me: the huge advert for aluminium extrusions that greets you at auckland airport. Their industry: my leisure :-)

Mary on a Blackberry so pardon typing errors