September 25th, 2003


hack, slay, maim... ouch!

Down to Crawley last night to join a gaming group where I play a paranoid warrior who follows Freya (she blesses your weapons in battle and after!) and finds himself fighting alongside an elf who throws flame and runs away, a blind lizardwoman who gets executed by a god for defiling the altar and another hopped-up party-on dude-elf who bears a mysterious resemblance to the lizardwoman, appearing only moments after her death - and being slaughtered by giant ants only a few minutes later. In the light of which I suppose I should be glad to still be alive, even though I'm trapped in a cell in the ants nest with another badly wounded fighter (the elf ran away of course). Oddly, these ants seem to change in size; the others told me they were the size of a large dog, now they seem more the size of a chicken but of course what they didn't mention is how impossible they are to hit and how lethal the stings are. Time for a change of plan: run away!
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