September 22nd, 2003

full steam ahead


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Not so working all the time now
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full steam ahead

I do love the rain


;-) I love the sound of it; the softness and freshness in the air, the force of it. The reminder of a whole world out there, coming to my window. Life in cycles, wind and water, repetition and irregularity, chaos and order. I like being outside in the rain but well wrapped up, I love being inside, warm and dry but watching the rain, and I like walking in soft rain, in friendly rain, in gentle rain.

I've longed for rain this long hot summer; I've longed for storms and energy rather than lethargy and apathy. It's so cleansing, so lifting to the spirit. Yes, I'll miss the summer, miss the warmth, miss sitting on the roof or by the river; I'll miss the light evenings and the golden mornings. It will get cold and drear and wintry and dark, dark, dark; I will long for spring and warmth and light and leaves and bulbs and flowers and sunlight. But the turn into autumn I still love, as the year packs itself away. And bright as the leaves are, crunchy and fun underfoot, much as I love the colours of the last bright days, I love the soft magic of the rain too.
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