September 19th, 2003

full steam ahead

Wisps of pretty pretty cold cold cold

I've had a verucca on my foot for ages - I was trying to get rid of it at Eastercon year before last. The patent remedies and nostrums haven't worked so I went to the doctor this morning to get it Seen To. It turns out that neither the things you put on or scrape off, nor the freezing treatments actually kill the damn fungus; all you can do is try and stimulate the body into producing antibodies, which takes 12 weeks of daily scrape and gunge, or regular applications of Cold. The doctor carefully explained this, said it was my decision, offered me a leaflet to go away and read, gave me lots of chances not to - and then looked quite gleeful when I said Yes! Rather than spraying indiscriminately he put cotton wool on the end of a long skewer and dipped it in his flask of liquid nitrogen - with pretty pretty cold cold wisps of smoke dancing in tendrils around my ankles and his hands - and applied it to the biggest verucca (previously scraped with a scalpel, which was quite painless). The cold was cold, then very cold, then Ouch Ouch cold. My foot is currently sore - not as bad as a chilblain, more like a blister or an infected insect bite without the itch. And hopefully, my body is getting the message to turn on the immune system!
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