September 3rd, 2003


Lulworth is lovely

we drove off out of London today, down to the coast, through the tangle of motorways and A roads and slipways and off into the villages of Dorset - past Corfe to Lulworth, where there is a castle, and a cove, and some lovely rocks jutting into the sea to be worn away, and some rather nice ice cream, and a sloping hill where a chap in a parafoil held up his wing until the wind lifted him up into drifting sweeping glides over the land. The day was warm and the sea was blue and looking down from the top of the cliffs the curves of the beaches were like jewels and gold. The cove is like a giant rock pool with seaweed and shrimp and teeny fish and happy splashing scuba swimmers who tried to talk to each other through their masks: I wonder if they could hear each other better underwater? Sun and shingle and cliff and bracken; such a lovely peaceful place.
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