April 29th, 2003

full steam ahead

just general banging, thumping and bucket filling

They've been up a dozen times to use the loo and fill the bucket for mortar mixing, so I'm glad I got them keys! Yesterday was mainly taking the brickwork back to the line to work on and hauling things up the scaffolding (and waiting for the skip and loading that: it's covered in boards and tarp). And our half of it was hiring a locker and humping boxes that used to be in the loft to it: we picked the cheaper 20ft that was up a ladder on wheels but we did get a free padlock!...

So today should be first hole day! I want to see something to get excited about! Like the sky through the ceiling ;-)

juice of the day: pear, ginger and raspberry
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builders on their mettle

for complicated reasons involving dotcom fever we had the plans for the loft done by an architect and a structural engineer and then had to find our own builders, who are a company who also have their own engineers and planners. Structural engineers seem to differ somewhat in their approach; Trigram had suggested Collapse )
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