April 28th, 2003

full steam ahead

builders: a beginning

well, sort of... the scaffolding has been up for a week while we waited for the skip permit - every now and then I'm startled to see it out of the window. Today the builders arrived, as did the materials; a couple of hours later so did the skip, and thankfully the car that was parked in the skip area moved without the council having to tow it away. The old boxes out of the loft are going in the skip: I like builders who knock on the door and check then skip things for me! The materials go on the skip for storage and to keep it from being seen as a communal resource! The plumber came round and told us the heating shouldn't be the way it is in several respects (the air in the ware, the way the pumps for the shower and central heating are fitted) and we went next door and climbed over the half-rebuilt wall to test the pressure on the outside tap in the downstairs garden. 3.5 'bars, which means we're losing pressure between the supply and our taps. Next they climb up and make a hole in the roof...
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