March 27th, 2003


scope: time and distance

we live on a vast canvas: in my head I'm a scientist turned spy sailing the world on a yacht or tracking down stolen solar technology on the space station, a scholar turned sword riding distant lands. Dozens of alternate lives, alternate views, other chances. It can seem a little cramped to come back inside this physical life in a London district with tiny gardens and suburban trains. And it's a shock to do it so suddenly as the doorbell waking me from a dream so real I feel guilty for the damage I've done to people by defending myself when they attacked; when I took one to the hospital she turned out to be an artists and in the dream-compressed time since the attack had drawn page after page of fantastic detailed colourscapes in van Gogh purple and yellow.

aaaah - coffee!
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full steam ahead

high word score

words learned for reasons other than their intrinsic meaning: intense upper class accent discussing why the state would be the loser in a split between church and state. Ah, I said with a chuckle of glee: so that's antidisestablishmentarianism - never seen it in public before.

This was followed by a gleeful laugh as I chalked up another favourite cliché; Officium (Jan Garbarek & the Hilliard Ensemble) might be the finest album ever recorded and is probably the one piece of music I wouldn't want to live without, so I never mind hearing it. But I suspect that Radio 4 (for it was she) has got a bulk discount on the copyright because whenever there's a piece about any period of history from the Crusades to the Victorians that has even a sniff of the church in it, there it is plain(chaunt)ive in the background...
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full steam ahead

Formality of informality

researching blogs as business tools, I found this useful, fascinating and slightly dissonant. The explanations of why blogs satisfy, intrigue and succeed are compelling but the contrast between the vivid quotes and excerpts and the more formal phrasing and official/academic/precise (perm any one) language of the KM discipline is striking. Nice example of showing and telling!
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