August 23rd, 2002


here we go, here we go, here we go...

ooh, ambivalence... we're off to San Francisco in the morning and it's going to be so cool staying with friends and going to the worldcon and seeing wonderful places and doing wonderful things. It's just that I still have to pack and I'm sooo tired because I was up fiendishly late working last night because I bunked off to the afternoon to go and see Neil Gaiman signing at Forboding Prices (I've interviewed Neil a few times but we really hit it off when he had this terrible sunburn and I had this bottle of lotion...). And we've just dropped the cats off for their holiday at the rescue centre they came from and the house is so empty; compounded by having phoned the lady who put up the poster for her missing cat to say I think I saw it run over in the road on Sunday ;-(

But, I have just ordered a gorgeous little laptop - the Toshiba Portege. I am stocking the mp3 player with my favourite music. I am going to a wonderful place to see lovely people and do way fun things with my best beloved sweetie, so I shall go pack and eat and sleep now!

See you in the aether
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