April 30th, 2002

full steam ahead

The local elections are coming

and I'm unusually unsure how to vote. Almost as a kneejerk principle I don't vote Conservative because I disagree with their policies; but the council in Wandsworth has been Conservative for many years. Many local issues are reasonably well dealt with - but they closed a local hospital which is now an unused building on prime flat land and their election literature is smug in the extreme. Yesterday I was buttonholed by a Labour chap who was more eager and involved than most candidates and promised to make the local Labour MP read his email. Hmmph; as usual, I told him I vote Liberal democrat because I agree with their policies. He comes out with the usual 'wasted vote' rationale, but Mandy Rice Davis keeps on applying, though I'm not sure she ever gets the job.

Reading Charlie's journal led me to a piece by the UK Home Secretary in the Guardian on the right and racism: abnormally sensible and worrying too - it's not just France.
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