April 29th, 2002



I was hanging out in IRC (a friend's server that Simon and I frequent when we're avoiding doing the work that's due) and I started helping a friend with wizard names (his company is called wizards, he wants a new domain name and I turned to Google for inspiration (as you do)). I found a page of 'recommended children's SF and fantasy stories' and something about it seemed familiar so instead of closing the window and getting on with some work I wandered around the rest of the site.

Spooky! It was Mary Anne from Callahans and I think I might even remember a thread where we were talking about children's books. It's always fun to catch up with people again - Mary Anne is doing some really cool writing and editing on Strange Horizons and Clean Sheets, where I found one story that's almost hypnotic in the way it's written (do I need to put in mature content warnings and stuff? who said you need to be explicit to be disturbing), Struck.

That's the thing about the Net - connections and reconnections; making contact!
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