Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Mistakes in Identity: The Register

I've written a lot about developments in identity systems this year; this time I've been writing not about new features but about old problems and whether the new approaches will make a difference. It turns out that some of the old systems provide good principles. If someone changes the address on your credit card but not the address you've set with an online identity provider, the credit card company can cross-check with your preferred address - or they can just choose to trust you. The less information a company keeps, the fewer liability issues. Small pieces, widely distributed; stealing all of my identity would be like a treasure hunt. Plus, why Dale Olds from Novell thinks identity might be the wrong word to use for all of this: read on at Developer Register...
Tags: articles, bandit, devreg, higgins, id theft, identity, identity 2.0, identity metasystem, infocard, novell, writing
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