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changing the mind

A couple of years back - in the run up to the eclipse - I spent a few months researching the state of science to build the Science section of the AOL UK Technology Channel (lost, lost, gone away, gone ahead, gone forever - obRef Years of Rice and Salt (and that link is from a site that looks neat for finding books and comparing prices from ISBNs). I looked at space, weather, atomic energy, genetic engineering - popular topics and anything I thought was worth including. One story that stuck in my mind was about how memories get time-indexed in the brain; it seems that we do create new brain cells all the time and these migrate from the centre out to the cortex. The connections and position and path of the neurons seem to map to the internal times we allocate to memory - I did this at that time, I did this at the same time. And this story from the WSJ about neuroplasticity and how the busy areas of the brain get bigger made me think vividly both of the article and of how I'd have been turning it into a feature story for the channel and fighting to get it promoted above the media gossip and war stories (AOL - the Daily Mail online, I swear). Now it's displacement behaviour before I pick which of the six things that are due for Monday I write next. I think the typing, composition and questioning bits of my brain must have knobs on by now...

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