Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Swapping keys in Windows

I'm testing a bunch of Tablet PCs, some with tiney keyboards, some with Toshiba's trademark refusal to put the Windows key anywhere I can use it for key combinations like Winkey-E for Explorer, Winkey-R for Run and so on, others with the Home and Backspace key next to each other so every time I plan to delete a letter I typed wrong I hurtle to the left of the screen. There's often a useless (to me) `¬ key where the Windows key should be, so I just remap the keys. Now I can rewrite the little-endian hexadecimal DWORD in the registry adding the number of changes and the scancode map values for the source and target key, but it's a bit hot for that much thinking, and there's a nifty free utility that makes it easy. I haven't bothered with the ones that charge $65 and up for this, because SharpKeys from does it very nicely. You can pick from a list of keys but if the one you want isn't lsited you can press it to capture it. Super little utility.
Tags: keyboard remapper, links, sharpkeys, technology, utility

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