Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Real Veronicas

apart from Ms Mars, with whom we keep an appointment most days (working through Season One again filling in the odd episodes we msised, in preparation for watching Season Two again, this time not missing episode 13), I was thinking the only other Veronica I've come across was Matilda Veronica Goodnight in Faking it, the sequel to Jennifer Cruise's Welcome to Temptation, also known as Betty, Celeste, Vilma Kaplan, Bundle of Lust, Scarlett Hodge and eventually ( presume) Mrs Davy Dempsey. But Simon reminded me we actually met a Veronica in France a couple of years back - or at least Veronique. Veronique Tanaka; I think she was French Japanese, but her English was better than my French or my Japanese.

It was after an Apple event in Paris and the blue canapes at the Pompidou Centre were getting me down so we jumped on the metro and went across to the larger of the Iles to this tiny bistro we'd found a couple of years back, opposite a shop selling the most fabulous stones (I got a big chunky amber necklace). It's a small neighbourhood bistro, but given the neighbourhood it's pretty upmarket and the snails are drowning in garlic. The american couple at the next table were deeply shocked that they were real snails and we translated the rest of the menu for them just in case. When we went to pay at the bar on the way out Veronique said something about the snails, because she recognised his Cat and Girl T shirt (obscure comics-R-Us); she's a big fan of Dorothy Gambrell. I think that broke the ice because she seemed extremely shy but we got on pretty well. We ended up sitting at the bar for a while with an armagnac. We told her about our choclate, cassoulet and comic runs where we bring an empty wheelie suitcase so we can head home via Galleries Lafayette and Album. She told us about the exhibition she'd just had in a small gallery, called Les Nuages. I was saying how different the BD market is to the UK comics market, with everything from kids comics to (very) adult titles alongside the superheroes, much more like the range of Japanese manga, and she mentioned she was planning a series of paintings trying to bring the French and Japanese erotic styles together, for another exhibition.

And Verionica Mars does remind me a bit of Veronique. Something around the eyes, the way of looking up and sideways, when she's not sure what people think but she's going to say it anyway. Veronica toughened up and got sassy ('a little bit Buffy, a little bit Bogarde' as the DVD says). I hope Veronique hasn't.
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