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This one go Boing! or time warp indeed

They're doing a CGI Magic Roundabout film and the cast so far is
Tom Baker ZeeBadee (some weird new character)
Jim Broadbent Brian
Joanna Lumley Ermintrude
Kylie Minogue Florence
Richard O'Brien Zebedee (yes! yes! yes!)
Robbie Williams Dougal
Ray Winstone Soldier Sam (new)

Zebedee bounces into site like a manic hunchback on springs: Time for bed! It's just a step to the left and then a jump to the right...
Dougal: oh look, Ermintrude's gone into orbit again; some people always hog the limelight. Why don't you let me entertain you?
Ermintrude: Patsy? Who are you calling a patsy?

wonder if they've heard the B side of Funky Moped?
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