Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Microformats: a good step but a first step

Yahoo! Local now supports the hCalendar, hCard, and hReview microformats on almost all business listings, search results, events, and reviews. Suddenly there are appointments, addresses and reviews that are semantically marked as being what they are. This I like very much; it extends the hCard support on, the hReview support on Yahoo Tech and flickr's XFN and hCard support in profiles. Adobe (well, Macrodobia, as I now think of them, or is it Adomedia) is looking at microformats and RSS as a data source for Web 2.0 applications for Flex and Apollo (Flash outside the browser, which Windows Presentation Foundation Everywhere is going to butt heads with and the .NET Framework already does - interesting times); the read-write Web has to have things to read and write.

But I became more of a fan of structured blogging in February after grabbing a set of micro-formatted events into Outlook - and having to update every single one by hand when they changed. I want microformats to include a Valid Until or Last Updated datum, so they don't shrivel and wither away in my diary.
Tags: adobe, blogging, flex, kiwi project, microformats, microsoft, structured blogging, technology, yahoo

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