Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

SpeedFiler discount

I'm a fan of SpeedFiler for Outlook. I don't file every message but when I do it's considerably faster with this add-on than by dragging messages, using the toolbar Move Message icon (which shuffles around the toolbar depending on which window you're in) or pressing Ctrl-Shift-V and navigating the folder hierarchy (when I file, I file deep). With SpeedFiler I'm still stuck with Ctrl-Shift-V but then I can type a couple of letters to get to the folder I want without taking my hands off the keyboard. Plus it automatically files replies in the same folder as the mail I'm replying to. If you want to pick up a copy Claritude has a special offer; up to five people can use this code (J4-11816) by July 7 to get it for $9.95 instead of $19.95. If my code runs out, look for another happy SpeedFiler user - there are five discounts each.

Am I being purely altruistic passing this on? No; if more people register the developer will have more funds to add more features in the next version, like a new keyboard shortcut (Ctrl-Shift-V is such a Vulcan death-grip), hiding the toolbar, writing an Outlook 2007 version... So I help them advertise, you pay them money and we all get something better. The commercial version of open source? ;)
Tags: discount, email, email overload, speedfiler, technology

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