Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Hacking your vacuum cleaner: illustrated

I did a piece for DevReg on the iRobot Roomba interface that you can use to turn your vacuum into a frog(ger) or something a little more useful (new inventions are always used for military, adult entertainment or gaming - as iRobot has the military covered already, let's be thankful the hackers chose gaming rather than anything else to do with sucking). In the piece I mentioned what iRobot CEO Colin Angle thinks a dishwasher robot should do that a robot dishwasher can't. And someone at the Reg has come up with a rather fabulous illustration of the robot, washing away.

But Colin Angle is used to robots that are form-follows-function; he built Ghengis, the 6-legged walking 'cockroach' robot and the 'behavior-controlled rovers' that became Sojourner.

Hacking your vacuum cleaner
Tags: articles, development, devreg, digital home, irobot, robot, roomba, technology, writing
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