Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

New York sun times

Extra points to the nice man on the Virgin desk who helped us upgrade to Upper Class on miles: it's such a nice way to fly and potted prawns on wholegrain toast for breakfast is delicious.

New York was warmer than I expected and as soon as we found the aircon the driver turned it off again. Two days of solid work with much geeking out; I think the highlight was talking to Owen Braun about the ways I use OneNote and the possible ways it could evolve. We did get out for dinner but that was the only break: we even talked shop over lunch.

So when everyone else headed off last night (you won't be surprised to learn I was the last person in the room, talking to Roberto about Word styles and languages) we went out to have a look around. We walked through historic Brooklyn Heights, where you're spolied for choice for restaurants, down to the promenade to gaze at the Manhatten skyline via a sushi bar and (surprise!) a second-hand bookshop.

This morning we went back to see it in daylight, via the farmer's market for scones and Starbucks for coffee. The promenade runs almost down to the spiderweb of the Brooklyn Bridge, past fancy apartments slung with wisteria and vorginia creeper. Cutting up the fruit streets (cranberry and orange) took us past a plant sale and onto the metro to Central Park. The sky was blue, the grass was green, a red cardinal was even redder than a robin and the dress-up wizard and the guy chalking signs and symbols in the underpass made me wonder if a real wizard in New York would find every potential place of power occupied by a performance artist! The grill at the Boathouse restaurant smelled fearsomely tempting and the boats full size and model glided about. The detail of the carving on the arcade is fabulous - we both found different vignettes; books and bees and baby birds.

Walking down Madison; the full size horse and rider on the roof of Hermes. The lintels on 5th Avenue, carved and gilded and both oveer your head and over the top: bling for buildings. An art show being assembled at the Rockerfeller Centre. The mosaic by the stairs to the metro featuring a naked green woman. Inko's peach white iced tea. Accidentally booking reflexology rather than a shoulder massage and having a lovely footrub. And as the huge traffic jam waiting for the runway was the airport's fault, Jet Blue gets full marks. Leather comfy seats, funny marketing, nice snacks, umpteen channels of satellite TV, informative announcements and we got in on time. Oakland airport is hardly a longer journey in than SFO so in a minute the car will drop us at the Grand Hyatt where Simon reminds me we can have breakfast on the 38th floor tomorrow!

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