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Off we go again... May in the US

Yes, we are pretty much always travelling and yes, we're off again ;-) The late Spring US tour kicks off next month...

May 3rd - 6th New York - Microsoft Office
May 6th - 10th San Francisco - HP's mobility summit and possibly an Ajax conference
(May 10th - 14th) - not sure whether we'll stay in the Bay Area or drive down the coast; wineries and friends in the Bay Area tempt us!
May 14th - 17th San Diego - for the Future in Review conference which I'm very excited about because of the fascinating people we'll get to meet and talk/listen to. I interviewed Mark Anderson a couple of years ago, I read his Strategic News Service newsletter every month and I think he's very smart and nearly always right, plus the gathering of CEOs and others who also read the newsletter and turn up to talk about the issues he raises have had me wanting to get to the event for a while.
(May 10th - 14th) - not sure whether we'll go back to the Bay Area (friends, wineries etc, see above) or head straight up to Seattle
May 22rd - 28th Seattle - for WinHEC, plus meeting Marc Smith's team at Microsoft Research to see what's happening with SNARF
May 28th - 29th New York (and then home) - go back to New York because that's what our plane tickets do, see that nice spride in situ, get to be tourists!

As always, we're hoping to make business travel more fun by seeing friends along the way - if we're hitting your town, let us know when you're free! If you have ideas about nice cheap places to stay in New York, please let us know! I already have a couple of things I'll be trying to pick up to take to friends (lavender soap, rose wine...); if there's anything else you'd like us to bring you, let me know ASAP and we'll try to pick it up over the weekend.

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