Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Viral free backup

Offsite backup is a good idea in principle and a tedious idea in practice. I'm trying out Mozy, a free online backup service that backs up 2Gb of data from my PC automatically in the background. I can run it on up to three PCs (Windows XP with NTFS only at the moment) and it encrypts locally with 448-bit Blowfish before uploading. I'm planning to install a 500Gb hard drive and move to Windows XP Pro with virtual PC to run other OSes, so backing up what's not on the server already (which is where my working documents are) will help the move a little. And why am I telling you this? Well, if four people click this link to Mozy or use my email address or referral code (M8GPY7) to get a Mozy account and actually back up some data, I'll get 3Gb of storage (and another Gb for every 4 extra people). The downside of Mozy is that you get an email newsletter with ads in from them. The site is full of smoothie-style mateketing about how even their cat likes Mozy and it's not a good idea to share your password with someone unless you already share a toothbrush, but I don't feel bad trying the viral thing because it might actually save someone's files.
Tags: backup, mateketing, mozy, technology, viral marketing

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