Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Boxes, little boxes, and they don't look all the same

There are two search boxes in my Windows XP taskbar. There's the Windows Desktop Search bar, which helps me find documents on my PC; I also use it to type URLs into and to get to specific LJ and flickr users because it's easy to create shortcuts for regular expressions in URLs. Then there's DQSD which searches Google, tells me the day and date without making the toolbar three lines high (I use this about as often as I do Web search because it's more in my line of sight than the fancy clock on the wall), lets me do basic sums and comes with several regular expressions for looking up things like currency conversions. I haven't set up my own DQSD regexps because I'd have to code them in XML and life is considerably too short. There's not enough overlap to get rid of either of them. Lucky I have two 17" LCDs side by side then...
Tags: dqsd, regular expressions, search, taskbar, timesaver, windows

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